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The Walking Dead by Telltale

A fantastic 5 part zombie game, or should I say story. It’s a little bit like your own personal zombie survival story where decisions make a difference to your story in how people feel about you and who you go through the story with.

In short you find a little girl all on her own after a zombie virus has broke out. The story runs very much like the TV show The Walking Dead with some similar situations happening. There are 3 types of game play in this, a point and click adventure game style, quick time event sections and chat dialogue decisions. The game is entertaining and I’m certainly happy with my purchase, overall the game is pretty easy although it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. Guessing where the story is going is at times easy but you’re never sure and there are still plenty of surprises. But with all games of this type sometimes the option you really want just isn’t there and a major pain when a chat dialogue you pick comes out differently than you expected, for instance you except “It’s no one’s fault” to come out calm and balanced but the choice is in fact quite aggressive to one person.

I love the idea of decisions effecting the out-come of the game and whilst it feels like you have a lot of decisions their effect on the game is pretty minimal. You have to go through the main story and however adverse you are to that you’ll still end up there, there are some important decisions to make that change who likes you or who survives but again the effects are minimal. Certain future events might become easier because you sided with someone earlier and if you didn’t you just have a quick-time event.

That all said, I still enjoyed the series and I’m eager for the final 5th episode, each episode takes a few hours to complete and for the most part you get so drawn in that when you start an episode you’ll finish it. For anyone that likes Zombie games you’ll enjoy this.

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