The Surprising Adventures of Me

Just recently bought this it’s still in early alpha and the concept is awesome so figured I’d jump on board before it gets more expensive. So far it’s incredibly fun and surprisingly difficult.

On it’s current build it’s pretty much a sandbox space/aircraft builder. You use various parts to construct your vehicle and then launch it along with the tiny Kerbals. To begin with all you want is to successfully launch into the air and land safety but very quickly you move onto bigger and better things like getting into space (my first kerbal into space is still floating away from the plant sorry!) and then getting a successful orbit. Next stop… the Mun!

Enjoy as you see the sheer horror on your kerbal’s faces as you mess up the orbit of your space craft and have them slowly plummet back to the planets surface. There really is nothing more satisfying than ditching your booster rockets and watching them hurtle back to the planet as you engaging your main thrusters.

Very fun game, pretty decent physics and going to keep me playing for a while, not to mention it’s only in alpha so it’s continually getting updated. Right now you can unofficially create your own satellites or Mun rovers but in the future they’re planning official parts to build up space stations, satellites, rovers and deep space probes. 

This game is going to be good, get in on the action now.

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